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December 17, 2008


So he doesn't consider murder to be "screwing up" a relationship, then. Good thing he has his priorities straight, and I mean I'm sure "she had it coming." What a piece of shit.

Are you shitting me?

Look, I could sort of understand the chick who dated OJ after he slaughtered Nicole...celebrity, and all that...but DREW PETERSEN???

But, she's gonna be on the TEE-VEE!

If she lives long enough, she'll be body bag number 3.

Fun fact: If he really did off all of his ex-wives (he *is* innocent until proven guilty, obvious though he may be), then he's what's known as a "Bluebeard Killer," named after the old story about duder's seventh wife finding the heads of her six predecessors. It sure would help the case if this new one found some heads, but seeing how empty her own apparently is, I doubt it.

Is that like Candidate #5 or Client #9, MandT?

Y'know, the question has to be asked:

Is that town that dead that the best these four hot women can do is this obvious...I mean, just LOOK at this guy!!!!...fat tub of goo beer-guzzling bastard?

That this guy can still get women to date him is depressing enough alone.

Know what ya mean 212---Just like the Bureau of Redundancy Department....but dead on arrival.

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