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January 25, 2009


Tell me again, in the light of the recent melt down of Wall Street, that it was pure coincidence that the SEC, housed in Building 7 of the WTC, was downed even though not hit and all those unfortunate records were destroyed. Right...

I am Canadian, but I refuse to acknowledge the Queen as my sovereign. Monarchies are ridiculously, laughably outdated, and I say if she doesn't even live in the country, she ain't queen of it.

Also the Pope can cram it. I used to give him the benefit of the doubt, that even if he was in the Hitler Youth, it didn't necessarily mean he agreed with Nazi politics. Now I would like to remind everyone that he was in the Hitler Youth. He truly is a nasty little man.

1.) Billy Joel is the Michael Bolten of Sis Rock.
2.) Ratso is a vampire
3.) It will never be a Nash
4.) But, he turned the other cheek---that's Christian
5.) The Royals are parasite thugs.
6.) "The rich usually take care of their own" Not really. The old invisible look beyond takes over, unless needed as an extra at dinner.

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