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January 01, 2009


As much as I like Favre, when the Jets picked him up, I had to scan my memory banks for a situation when this scenario -- new team picks up great though aged QB -- has ever resulted in a Super Bowl victory.

I suppose Joe Montana got close in his first year with the Chiefs, but for the most part, doesn't this scenario always end up in heartbreak? Johnny Unitas in a Chargers uniform still makes me sad.

Anway. I hope you get Cowher and a franchise QB (Matt Cassell maybe?) if only so you will pound the snot out of the Patriots.

In the meantime, I hope you'll pull for my Colts as they head to San Diego. :)

Happy New Year.

What's next?---a hail Mary walker?

I won’t deify athletes, I won’t tattoo a team’s emblem on my forehead, and I won’t be a guy who leaves instructions in his will to be buried in a football jersey. As Charles Barkley famously said, “I’m not a role model”, and he was right. Don’t trust anybody who’s trying to sell you something. Even Willie Mays, the “Say Hey” kid, wouldn’t play for free.

The Brett Favre brouhaha is a good example why I feel this way. No matter how some people tried to spin it, it was a betrayal of his former team. Behind that grizzled redneck charm and Huckleberry Finn smile, is another spoiled jock hustling for fame and a paycheck.

What made the fiasco in Green Bay so awful was that the Packers weren’t a greed-crazed team callously throwing away a hard-working, successful but aging athlete with fading skills who outlived his usefulness. There’s an old bromide in sports that goes, “It’s better to get rid of someone too soon than to keep them to long.” It wasn’t business as usual because the Packers understood it was time to move on, but they tried hard to make Favre’s exit a honorable one. Instead, he saw it as a stab-in-the-back and Favre chose to fuck over his coaches, his teammates, his bosses, and his fans. Why did he do it? Maybe his narcissism thought it was a good idea. Tell that to the kid too young to be cynical that’s wearing his favorite quarterback’s green and yellow jersey. Say it ain’t so, Brett. I guess Favre just taught him a very ugly but valuable lesson about hero worship.

But karma got Favre in the end. The Jets have killed more careers than a torn ACL.

Hey look, it got rid of Chad "Four INTs" Pennington, so if only by subtraction, the Jets became better.

okay...you have my sympathy....after having suffered the WORST Brown season ever....but I am passing the pity beer your way.....so sucks...

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