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January 20, 2009


Certainly this means Jesus has sent a plague to our enemies. Hooray Bush!


Well, you can be vaccinated against bubonic plague and there are effective antibiotics should you be unfortunate enough to get bitten by an infected flea (or get zapped by a weaponized strain). The disease, which still occurs naturally in less developed parts of the world,* is not transmitted person-to-person. It is possible that given poor sanitation in the camp and the fact that certain parts of Africa are plague-prone, these guys were not fiddling with a plague strain but were flea bitten.

*About one to two dozen cases occur in Western parts of the US each year.

Wasn't this predicted by the XFiles? Or maybe it was Three's Company...

Yeah, he kept us safe. He may have had to kill more Americans than Osama did, and destroy a LOT more of our economy, but boy, is we safe!

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