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January 12, 2009


Joe the Plumber is McCain's revenge. He's the Kato Kaelin of the 2008 campaign, minus the whore bingeing with Charlie Sheen.

Yeah, 'cos if journalists aren't allowed to cover a war zone then the Americans and Israelis could get away with war crimes. That's the spirit, Joe!

'Down the soldiers?" Joe the Asshole! why doesn't some Israeli tank run over the SOB!

I'm a liberal, and Joe pisses me off. Why? Because he makes plumbers everywhere look like borderline-retarded, angry bigot assholes. My husband is a plumber (yes, it's personal) and he would never be stupid enough to believe the dumb shit Joe shoots his mouth off about. He's an intelligent person with an amazing grasp of physics (which *liscensed* plumbers have to have in order to do their jobs), astrophysics and mechanics, and he's currently building a biplane. Joe can go die in a fire.

can we leave him there? don't they need shitty plumbers ? damn he is a moron...

Some one should ask the plumber if he is a man of principle why he hasn't resigned as a war correspondent.

I bet Hannity is proud of his little "plumber" turned "journalist."

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