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February 27, 2009


Joe the Plunger always brings up stooopid s--t.

Mandt's rant, littered as it is with vulgar
swear words, (too often the case with the igtnorant), is the antithesis of what goes on at CPAC. I listen to the CPAC people because there's never a paucity of ideas from where they're coming from. Mandt has produced a mobilization manifesto that advances not a single idea. What passes for "righteous indignation" to the Left is really just hysterical hate. The Left is ascendant, nice public image with President Obama, but deep down you're all Mandts to one degree or or another, so ultimately you're going nowere. The burning anger I feel for you is mostly for the trash culture your ilk continues to maintain. It would be hate if it wasn't for the heavenly
Savior's Love. Forget about the afterlife--get religion and redeem your life here and now.

Please substitute "blogenfreude" for Mandt in the preceding comment. I am sorry, Mandt.

MandT likes the part about redeem your life here and now.

I listen to the CPAC people because there's never a paucity of ideas from where they're coming from.

For me, it's the where they're coming from that's the problem.

What can we do to make sure the Republican "party" and its attendant authoritarians and perverts never rises to wreck this country again?

Freude, when I played ball, occasionally I'd come across a team who would bumble and fumble their way through a game.

Didn't matter which sport, they'd find a way to give us the win.

I learned a long time ago, when your opponent is drowning himself, don't ever throw him a lifeline.

Me, I'm just sitting back and watching the GOP self-destruct. I like the idea of two political parties (keeps me and the Democrats honest), and I even like the fact that conservatives have positions of some moral authority to speak to issues.

After all, the budget is limited and they are correct to point that out, regularly, even ad nauseum. And on other issues, the truth lies somewhere between my liberalism and their fasc-- I mean, conservatism.

But pass the popcorn, and the beer, cuz this movie is just starting.

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