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February 06, 2009


As I clearly recall one of the principle Kellogg heirs made porno movies in the 80's and thought Coke was an all American beverage.

PS. And oh, weren't the Kellog's also famous for funding eugenics research that the Nazi's took up with such enthusiasm?

Just more hypocritical corporate morality from one of the biggest refined sugar pushers (to children, no less)in the country. I'm glad I gave up Pop-tarts when I gave up pot.

Doesn't Kellogg know who eats this stuff?
Buy Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch stock. I don't think Kellogg knows what to do about a possible REVERSE boycott either by pro Phelps/pro munchie/pro bongie folks out there. Will this become a Sugar Smack Waterloo for them? Won't back down in the Sugar Smackdown. We will no longer condone/promote that which is not good for people just because it's popular. A new era of corporate responsibility in the making? What Mikey likes.....not any more. There's always oatmeal. Much better for you.

If there are any multimillionaire uber-Olympians out there reading this, please: Do not apologize for the sex (as long as it's consensual) and do not apologize for the booze and drugs (as long as you're not driving or hunting). You've got enough FU money. Enjoy yourself.

Phelps should check out Shawn White's sponsors. I mean, does ANYONE think snowboarders aren't superfit potheads?

Doritos should definently sponser him....fuck kellogs...what do they know ?

( hmm, or subway ? pizza hut ? twinkies ? )

( he should do the ads- then donate the money to medicinal pot- that would really cause confusion...)

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