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March 01, 2009


It's hard to argue with your list, although I don't encounter diddy or whatever is name is, or celtic women very often. I thought D.L. Hughly was pretty good whenever he appeared on Bill Maher, but his own show has been a bit of a yawn, and I agree. Not funny.

What's pissing me off is pundits repeating the meme that Republicans are happy to be in the hole they're in. Like, they have no majority, no ideas, a shrinking constituency and they've got us right where they want us? I don't think they're happy and I don't want them to be.

"A Tool is Born" starring Rick Santelli

Bobby Jindal and the folks who still support him after his meltdown on the TeeVee last week...

...like Monica Crowley. Who also annoys me. Blondes ought to be cute, not look like prissied up bag ladies.

I'm with you about radicalism disguised as patriotic corn-pone, and anything patronizing, like Celtic Women or Santelli. People seem to love such bosh.

As for Mugabe, as disgusting times 100 as our captains of Industry, who would vote themselves ski trips while the ship was sinking with the rubes (=investors) aboard.

Outrage is the only correct posture vis-a-vis such shameless exploitation.

That's the problem , too much " show " at CNN and not enough serious News and that's why I wouldn't waste my time .
The only place for serious news , for a goyim news junky is the internet bcs Blitzer and Co. has turned CNN into meaningless political theater and talk .

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