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April 25, 2009


Welcome aboard, Mike.


I find it most awesome to read blogs that question the present admin. as well as the past. They all need to be held accountable for what they do, and kept in line (if at all possible). Good to see you! Is Blogenfreude still going to post as well?

I'm sure Blogenfreude will drop in from time to time to post. He's off in an undisclosed black site right now - or he's just a little burned out. I don't remember.

Welcome Mike...guess it will be my turn soon for an introduction.....

Criticizing the government worked so well with Bush, why not criticize Obama? The only difference (besides, the obvious intellectual ones) are they come from differing parts of the corpocracy.

There you have it! On all accounts. Welcome to this great neighborhood.

they come from differing parts of the corpocracy

They do? That's news to me.

This is a great crew. I'll post about you soon and tweet about you now.

Yeah I know I've got posting privs here but don't hold your breath. I'll run everything by Agi if I join you. xo

hiya, mike. nice to "meet" ya. this is going to be fun. i can sense it.

Blue Gal, you rock.

I have been wondering what BF was going to do; there were no cross link notices or anything...

Here's to some change! Change has been known to be good...or dangerous to your health. YMMV.

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