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April 29, 2009


you see, Agi, my conspiracy of immediately posting to move your posts down the page is proving surprisingly effective.

this wasn't here last i checked i swear!

Readers may or may not find it amusing that Foxx's district includes the charming city of Mt. Airy, the real-life inspiration for TV's Mayberry.

And the 13th Amendment, sometimes known as the "No Slavery of Anyone Including American Black Former Slaves" amendment is also incorrectly phrased.

Those Africans and their descendants weren't enslaved because they were Black. They were enslaved because the righteous White Man was putting them to work to make up for their naturally lazy & shiftless nature.

Montag: I'm onto you now.

eric: Well she's just a regular Aunt Bee, ain't she?

Mike: Speaking of amendments, I wonder if Ms. Foxx laments women's suffrage.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. A right-wing Santa Claus, anyway. His real name is Rupert Murdoch. Or is it Roger Ailes? Hmmmm. So Matthew Shepherd's case is a hoax, eh? So Virginia is against hate-crime legislation, eh? HEh... Scheisse.

That last comment of mine was fairly nebulous. Sorry, I have had far too much caffeine this morning.

Anyway, what I was getting at from some oblique angle is that maybe Virginia should legally change her last name from Foxx to "FOX".

It's funny, but it seems like when someone is running for office and their last name is Cross, Christ, Foxx (FOX), etc. they are invariably Republican. Has anyone with the last name Gunn run for office recently? Or anyone named Mann, or Manley? Surely they would all be GOP candidates. (Whereas I suppose if someone with the last name of Gaye or Sinner ran, they would by necessity be Dems, right?) Good grief.
Anyway, Virginia Foxx is sorely misguided on this one.

Don't forget to add Lynch to that list of names. Someday Florida will elect their first Latino governor. He will be a Cuban-American man named Jesus.

Because they often crucify guys who's wallet they just stole....

So MS was a thief as well as sexually identifying as a necrophiliac who was into a little bestiality when he couldn't get his hands on a corpse? Well then of course it's okay to murder him! Why ever should people like that have any constitutional rights at all?

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