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April 30, 2009


If they combined all their brain power, I somehow doubt they could illuminate a single light bulb.

They don't even know what socialism is. They don't know what fascism is. They don't know anything about history. They don't know anything period. They're like parrots. They can't think for themselves and all they can do is mimic their owner.

The best quote of all this is, "He's like Stalin but without the bloodshed." Yeah. You strung words together, but just because you made a sentence doesn't mean it makes any sense whatsoever.

I think the operative term here is "pathetic".

I doubt Beck or any of them know who Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was, or if any of them have heard of "The Gulag Archipelago". The mere thought of comparing Obama to Stalin is ridiculous. Making the comparison is beyond ridiculous, even if they add the "without the violence" tag.

Then again, is this their pathetic way of getting back at the left for some of us comparing the Bush administration to the German Nazis of the 1930s? Or for some of us comparing the Bush-Cheney-Christian Right approach to fascism? Probably.

They are so desperate these days that now, more than ever, they will do and say anything. The problem with this is, we on the left don't have large national media outlets like they do, so more people will be getting the message that Obama = Stalin than ever got the message Bush-Cheney = fascism...

I understand that Marx thought socialism was considered a necessary step from capitalism to communism. So is it possible that those who are shouting "socialism" and "communism" in the same breath do not know the difference between the two? Quite likely so. There is quite a difference, but it seems they are purposefully not taking the time to examine it.

I may be your basic socialist, but I am not a communist.

I too love to string words together, but I like to think I make more sense than the FOX "News" crowd. I think some of the preschoolers and kindergartners I work with are probably more coherent and open-minded than Glenn Beck.

as St. Ralph says, we live in a corporate fascist system with two corporatist political parties duking it out to implement their negligibly different business-centric policies. both the dems and the reps are fascist. when the dems accused cheney, et al of fascism there was truth in it. when the reps accuse dems of socialism it's for show. neither party gives one whit what socialists want.

the democrats: 3% less of an affront to the people's intelligence.

A video that simultaneously demonstrates both why I refuse to watch Fox News and why I really, really want to.

also, let the record show, that with my astonishing powers of foresight, i called this. back in october!!!1! i'm a regular Nostradamus.

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