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April 27, 2009


having air force one and an f-16 buzz nyc was a nice touch.

having air force one and an f-16 buzz nyc was a nice touch.

@Montag - not for us it wasn't ... I still get nervous when I hear a plane that seems too close. Now if they'd done it in Salt Lake City ...

He's trying to keep you New Yorkers vigilant.

You know what's funny? I work downtown right near where the idiotic fly-over took place . . . and didn't hear shit.

Anyhow, nice touch with the George Clinton visual reference.

Mike & bf, i can't even imagine. the whole idea was asinine. even if they'd told folks it was going to happen, the imagery was bound to evoke panic. it's the damn marketing people in their own world. here on the flipside shit looks like an advertisement for death.

You mean Mr. Fundamental didn't get his pony?

Department of Labor and NLRB appointments have been very good. Not enough to compensate for handing over control of the entire economy to the Summers/Rubin/Geithner crony capitalist crew; but better than a poke in the eye.

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