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April 28, 2009


Hi! Love the picture, great choice ;)

BTW, your link to "The Guys From Area 51" has letters transposed. It's taking me to http://guysfromarea51.blogpsot.com/

It takes me to a fundie site... you know, the end of the world is coming!!! LOLz That was the best rickroll ever.

Damn, I need to wear my glasses when I do links!

That's awesome! A fundie site thinks the Guys From Area 51 is that popular that they are trying to steal some of our readers by accident.

Link has been fixed.

You should add a photo of a fundie getting kicked in the goolies.

Do fundies even have goolies? I thought they all looked like Ken dolls down there?

Don't they cover their goolies with secret underwear? Oh wait, my bad, those are Mormons...

Now there's a book title: The Secret History of Secret Underwear.

"Pleased To Meet Ya!"

what's been puzzling me is the nature of your game.

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