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April 02, 2009


That's what happens when you are so focused o finding something you can use. Once she found a perfect story to jump onto for her agenda, any common sense went out the window. It was the same way for some comedy bloggers, and even a TV show to swallow whole the Improv Everywhere funeral crash yesterday. Duh, y'all -look at the calendar!

Car and Driver has at least gotten a lot of publicity for their Nascar April Fool's stunt; the question is -- is bad publicity better than no publicity at all?

Well, no Coulter is better than any Coulter.


You miss Miss Coulter's widely understood appeal to the "I know you are, but what am I" fallacy, practiced on every elementary schoolyard from here to kingdom come.

It is one of the favorites of the Right wing, as I imagine that was where their dreams of glory rose and died, their bully-ness in full flower, the terminal point of their maturation as human beings.

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