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April 27, 2009


Pontiac dies = the terrorists win.

I suspect it has something to do with not being "Green" enough.

(Sarcasm or not? Hmmmm, I move in mysterious ways.)

Frankly, I find it pathetic GM selects Pontiac for the dungheap while planning to continue production of the Hummer (Just another blowjob... hmmmm).

Mike: Green is the new black, or something.

lonestar: The Hummer is the future. Take that you Prius-driving cargo cult members!

It has to be asked: why in the fuck did GM (or Ford (3) or Chrysler(4)) have four brands????

I get that you might, you know, want to put Jeeps in your Jeep division, but then don't market a fucking Dodge Ram, because you're cannibalizing your sales.

Similarly, I remember when you could buy the same frikkin' car (the Nova/Omega/whothefuckcarestheothermodels) under all four GM brands! What's the point?

This is what they get for foisting the Aztek on the American driver. Ugliest car this country ever produced.
Still, I'd have to say, the most favorite car I ever owned was a '79 Grand Prix.

I once got stuck with an Aztec as a rental, driving from the Inland Empire to San Francisco. It was nearly, but not quite, enough to ruin a really fun trip. Nice to remember that once upon a time, Pontiac (and GM) made cars that didn't suck. "Cruisin' around in my GTO." Damn!

I was once an Olds man, so I feel your pain.

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