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April 30, 2009


i must be in the same age group as you. the kids and i, through netflix, and to my spouse's chagrin, are working our way through MST3K. they do recognize the Joel episodes to be better.

also, i am passing down Python appreciation, as my father did before me. its fun to watch 12 & 10 year olds riff on the 'argument clinic' and do 'funny walks.' yes they are chips off the old block.

I forgot all about that pig skit with the Kids in the Hall. I loved that show, hysterical. Thanks for posting it :D

Who doesn't know MST3K? Hell, my 20 year old does!

Oh. Wait. That's cuz I made her watch the reruns on SciFi when she was in diapers...

Of course, the youngling bought me the Monty Python boxed set, so she has good taste anyway.

By cracky, those whippersnappers ought to give a listen to the Goon Show on the old Victrola...What?...Mmmm, prune whip.


I still pop in the Kids in the Hall every once in awhile to make sure I still have my sense of humor.

Perhaps it is a result of my age, and only being around for the later episodes initially, but I've always preferred Mike to Joel. Even after I tracked down old VHS recordings of all the episodes, I'm still a Mike man.

There must be something wrong with me.

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