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April 15, 2009


I sure would have liked to have had the Tinfoil Hat concession at one of the rallys.

These must've been rather small, concentrated demonstrations as opposed to a usual group dynamic of a large, decentralized event. I had about 100 miles of coverage in both primary and secondary accounts and nothing much was observed except for one barbecue... and this was in the Bible Belt, for crying out loud!

Demonstrations of insanity!

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I agreed with the majority of the Tea Party attenders. The government is spending way too much money which will result in hyper inflation, a weakened dollar and higher taxes. We cannot afford all this extra spending. I like the protest sign that said "Spread my work ethic, not my wealth"

We cannot afford all this extra spending.

Sure we can. It was the past thirty years of undertaxation we could not afford.

This is about the good of the people, Glen, not of the few.

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