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May 24, 2009


Thanks for this. I've daydreamed of living at Fallingwater for years.

My favorite part are the curved cantilevered shelves in the rooms. What always surprises me is how much shorter than now the heights of the rooms and doors.

My God. 50 years. My mother took us there starting soon after it opened. It was such a novelty. No doubt Wright was genius personified, but there have been so many very, very bad imitators since then. I guess he's not responsible for that, though.

i dig that Jacobs House.

seems one of my architectural heroes was also a monumental asshole. which isn't to say this is a trend. some of my best friends are architects.

Wow nice post.

@montag - if I could have that Jacobs house on a lot of my choosing I'd never have to more again.

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