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May 06, 2009


Great post. My twisted sense of humor loves it.

The "radical gay agenda" part cracked me up. XD

There aren't too many "radical leftists" any more and certainly not enough of them to be causing THIS much trouble. Real radical leftists probably number a few thousand at best and cling to Marxist dogma much as survivors of a shipwreck cling to debris to stay afloat. Throw a rock at a recently married gay couple and ask them about the historical inevitability of a proletarian revolution sweeping through the crumbling vestiges of capitalist empires...WTF will be your standard reply? Real lefties are scurrying around trying to print cheap copies of "The Manifesto" now that the PRC has gone de facto capitalist.

Leftist agenda, my sorry ass.

Great Blog! I dont think there are too many lefties left now. Soon we would be reading about them from history books.
This is Alice from Israeli Uncensored News.

When Maine allows someone to marry a black bear, that'll get me excited.

CG and Alice: that quote comes from Donald Douglas (a self described pro victory neocon) who, when he writes about "radical leftists," is talking about main line Democrats.

Mike - no one's stopping you marrying a black bear in Maine.

Pro-victory, lol.

Radical left gay agenda aside...the largest beneficiaries of gay marriage will be the business community. Wedding planners, cake designers, tux rentals, limo services, etc. will all rake in the dough.

Gay marriage will stimulate the economy!

Gay marriage will stimulate the economy!

i wonder if this played any role in how handily the bill passed through legislation.

the state could make up for some of the budget shortfall by doubling the charge for a marriage license for the first 12 months after the law goes into effect... (i've not heard that this is being considered.)

have heard advocates of marijuana legalization arguing in terms of economic benefits and tax revenues lately though.

I think a California assemblyman suggested legalization to fix our state's budget gap. Now our governor is even considering the idea.

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