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May 12, 2009


If we call 75% of all Americans "idiot" "moron" (or "moran"), "imbecile," or "retard," at least we can't be accused of dishonesty.

I didn't know about that rating system. It's interesting and if the provenance wasn't so bad it might be useful for coming up with more accurate invective. The language police overdo it, no question. As do the anti-PC people, who think it's an act of rebellion against some imagined liberal elite to use racial and other slurs. I don't know where to draw the line. Maybe it's more fun just to keep arguing about it.

well i've got news for you: the supreme court has roundly rejected prior restraint!

Where do we draw/erase the line?

fuck the line. they're only words.

i will say this: that "lame" seems to have passed a threshold, in that it is understood independently of it's former meaning. ("Calling something lame doesn’t mean you hate people who can’t walk, it just means that you think something is lame.") i don't think the same is true in calling something "gay" or "retarded." there is still a duality in there. "that's so gay" may mean "that's stupid" but with undercurrents of, "being gay is stupid," in there.

i'm with zenyenta. "Maybe it's more fun just to keep arguing about it."

I can't decide whether this post is lame or retarded. Or gay. Or even niggardly. No, wait, don't walk out on my speech! But I'm willing, like Montag, to argue about it.

I can't decide whether this post is lame or retarded. Or gay.

All three.

Brilliant post! Thanks for the retarded link!

Er, that was supposed to be "diesel". "dielse" is my retarded sister.

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