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May 01, 2009


Tools, yeah, yeah, tools, heh heh.

Happy May Day, all you tools!

Here's a song for the occasion.

fuck me. what a bleak post for May Day. i even set it up for a may day tie-in with that line about union workers, but it honestly didn't even occur to me. "damn, montag, why do you have to be such a dick all the time?"

What is a corporation, after all, if not a group (tens, 100s, 1000s) of people working collectively toward a common goal?

I make that point routinely in response to people who mouth anti-union claptrap: Why is it perfectly in keeping with truth, justice and the American way for capitalists to organize, yet worker organization is a symptom of dangerous alien collectivist ideology? And why does the boss get to insist that workers stage a "secret ballot" before they organize, yet workers have no right to any voice at all in corporate mergers and acquisitions?

sorry i didn't reply earlier, eric, but i think it's a function of money being more important than everything else. the boss man's money beat's the toil of your back every time.

think of a big game of rock, paper, scissors where paper both covers rock and purchases scissors. and if rock ever decided to smash the scissors, paper would switch to Chinese or Indian rocks. or something like that. i haven't worked all the kinks out of my metaphor yet.

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