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May 05, 2009


So this whole torture thing is just a bunch of mind games?


evildoers these days. they have such overactive imaginations.

This is the same conclusion that Slavoj Zizek comes to, for different reasons.

His line of thinking takes on the "ticking bomb" scenario, saying essentially that the would-be torturers in that position have to take on the moral weight of breaking the law. Otherwise torture just becomes commonplace.

So at least one irrelevant Eastern European academic agrees with you...

Wes: sardonic enthusiasm for doodz going Bauer on the terrorists aside, i suspect my actual views on this are closer in spirit Zizek's than this post reflects.

what i was perhaps too subtly hinting at here was that having the President come out publicly renounce the practice is more likely an attempt to move the practice back behind the curtain, to squelch public scrutiny, rather than a good faith prohibition of its use.

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