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May 06, 2009


Wouldn't it be nice if we could just ban him and everyone like him from OUR country. Well, at least Obama is building those re-education camps.

All conservatives hate trial lawyers until they feel the need to file nuisance lawsuits.


have you ever tried to listen to him? I have. He spent 10 minutes bitching about how his cleaning lady put scented laundry detergent in when she washed his sheets. (Sniff! the nerve!)

The jerkwad works three hours a day and he can't wash his own fucking sheets? Fuck me.

zenyenta: The Progressive Revolution Re-education Campaign will start in FEMA trailers.

LewScannon: Good luck to him, because there's no freedom of speech in the Kingdom. God save the Queen!

bugged voter: I used to listen to his show on occasion for a laugh several years ago. Glenn Beck wishes he could have one tenth of the paranoid delusional mental power that Savage possesses.

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