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May 04, 2009


Souter was nominated as a conservative, not a liberal, and became more liberal just after his confirmation.

In fact, Kennedy and Kerry voted against him and John Sununu was put in charge of his confirmation.

time to nuke the filibuster!

actor212: Yes, what I was trying to say was that Obama may choose his own Souter, a "Souter" being someone who flips. For a Democratic president a "Souter" would slowly veer towards the right.

Montag: It's about friggin' time. Although, the Dems don't have the balls to do it.

Anita Hill! Anita Hill!

I just want to hear someone say "pubic hair" on CSPAN like I used to as a child.

Well-put in your post, Agi. It's that time again, when one man -- with prattlings from a handful of others in DC and the press -- make a big show of choosing the next individual to spend the rest of his or her life sitting on high in robes, telling the rest of us what the Constitution "means," defining the parameters of our liberty, property, and expression.

Joy. I feel so taken care of.

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