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May 18, 2009


Happiest days of Randall Terry's life.

All their little soldiers standing at attention as Bush signs away more rights. Shitbags.

Man... if there's one thing I hate it's being tarred with the blood of the innocent. He's a little full of himself, isn't he? I guess a (potential) savior of millions of unborn Christian soldiers should feel good about himself. Nice curls. Poor Alan Keyes, do you think he knows what's going on around him?

Randal Terry was local to me for a while, when he brought Operation Rescue to San Jose. I don't remember all of the details, but in the end it was Operation Fail, and I think shortly after that he quit it.

I thought he had crawled back under his rock, so I'm surprised to see him surface now. I'm not surprised with his rhetoric.



Speaking of Operation Fail...what is with all the anti-choice dudes wearing pageboy caps at Notre Dame?

Absolutely stellar post, Agi :)

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