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May 18, 2009


Men's magazines have a long tradition of that sort of thing. Few read Playboy solely for the articles, but they're good enough that it's at least plausible to say so.

I hope you have something in mind for us female readers. Not sure who, though. At my age I tend to forget who's attractive. Actually, the president's easy on the eyes. A nice looking young man. No ice cubes necessary.

Not shocked about Rummy's Bible Quotes, but even more creeped out by him than before if that's possible.

Hamilton-Lovecraft: Never read it, so I wouldn't know.

zenyenta: But of course...once newspapers have completely vanished the only place left for print journalism will be Oprah magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, etc. I'm sure there will a big story in the next People's Sexiest Man Alive addition.

one can only hope to see investigate journalism fill the pages of Maxim and Complex
They do share a common ideological enemy- Bible spouting conservatives censors with access to weapons of mass destruction.

I'd freakin' devour that Megan Fox...wait what we're we talking about?

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