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May 26, 2009


how do you solve a problem like Maria?

This guy lost. He LOST. Why is he saying anything? Like Rudy, Mitt, and the Psychogeezer. They all lost. Enough already.

Historians will come to view the "24 Hour News Cycle" as one of the watershed moments in the termite gnawing away of the West, particularly the U.S. The voracious maw that must be fed permits, even necessitates, any idiot with an opinion and an iota of name recognition can be newsworthy for even a few moments.

If reality still existed, we'd all be asking ourselves, "Mike who?"

Meanwhile in the on deck circle...Joe The Plumber.

You would think that a man with that name would be sensitive to getting other peoples' name right.

Maria indeed! What a tool.

Some enterprising soul will throw all the juicy bits on YouTube anyway for boring homestretch viewing at the place of employment.

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