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May 01, 2009


i made this one that one time cheney took over being president for a day.

Dang, thanks for the reminder, BDR. I remembered it was May Day, but totally spaced out on Padded Crotch/Mission Accomplished Day.

I think my favorite part of that entire spectacle were the Air Force folks dressed as an 1980s Benetton ad in head-to-toe rainbow colored outfits. Good times.

I've always thought the most-revealing aspect of Bush's personality is that his handlers searched the entire aircraft carrier's crew to find the ugliest, scrawniest, dorkiest sailor to stand as counterpoint to the codpiece.

Blessed be our Holy Circle Jerk!

I wonder if Obama's package is bigger than W's.

You can't photoshop the monkey and make him look any worse than he always manages to make himself look. That picture-a pretend leader pretending to land a plane-will go down in history as some kind of symbol for the lying little sack from Crawford.

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