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May 07, 2009


Guess he's got time on his hands now that he's left the GOP.

Didier: Dis you not see zee ball tooch zee hand of Eto'o?

Joe: What kind of queer America-hating sport is this?!?

You know, when I read a headline that said something like Chelsea fingers disgrace football, I was so hoping for a sex scandal, or at least a bird flip to the Barca fans...nahuh.

Your profile has you as an Arsenal supporting, George Orwell reading, punk listener. Are you me with an adams apple?
Must say i was gutted to see Chelsea lose to Barcelona in the last few minutes. By gutted i mean cheered and laughed till the neighbours threatened to removed my larynx with a table spoon.

Like all contractors, Joe left Drogba's bathroom half finished so he could watch the game and quaff a few pints.

Are you me with an adams apple?

Sure sounds like it! It pleased me greatly to see Iniesta whack that goal in at the end and plunge the sword into Chelsea's heart. It didn't make me feel that much better about Tuesday's loss though.

Viva Barca!

I'm DC United. Vamos United!

Though it pleases me when Arsenal beats Man Utd and Chelsea and Liverpool and any Italian team and Real Madrid. Can't think of anyone else.

Gunners had a tough week of it, losing to ManZoo and Chelkee back to back.


Well, fourth place is better than fifth, I guess...

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