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June 01, 2009



thanks for that.

My wife thinks Sotomayor is actually pro-life. Think about it...Latina and Catholic. Her only ruling on an abortion case upheld a Bush administration anti-abortion position. Obama's pick just might end up overturning Roe v. Wade. How about them apples??

I doubt anyone will be overturning Roe v Wade because neither side really wants that. It's just a wedge issue for the GOP to use to control their base. I can't imagine Sotomayor would do that, even though that was my reservation about her as well. Republicans benefit from having safe abortion procedures just as much as everyone else.

Helen: I was just being overly dramatic. I truly don't see it being overturned. However, I could foresee more powers being granted to the states to restrict access to abortion.

What this country needs is a good civil war to clean out the cobwebs...

These Christian Falangist types seem to coalesce around the Free[sic] Republic web site, chock full of reactionary hilarity. Some of their deliberations on the conspiracy that Obama orchestrated the assassination of Tiller:




The Klanservatives are rallying behind the burning cross in hysterics that surprise even me. They seem determined to become a South-only party. Let them.

The South will rise again!

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