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June 12, 2009


Just plain loony? Bah, I think we need a layer of fresh labels. I want to see how many hyphens and/or commas we can use in describing someone.

The guy was like 88 years old. He probably had some form of dementia like Alzheimer's. Perhaps that's explains why he thought he could fight the Jew World Order by firing at pictures of Holocaust victims.

What happened to being just old fashioned nuts? Now we have to "frame" everything in some form of proggel socio/economic/disenfranchised clownshit as a methodology to explain things to ourselves. The guy was a whack job. End of story.

Well, he was a whack and he was old, but he was also a right wing extremist. It's just that his kind of extremist lunacy predates most of the dumb shits that showed up at Palin rallies and listen to Beck and Limbaugh. It's also a little more cerebral in a twisted way. They are, however, kindred spirits in their most basic sensibilities.

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