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June 14, 2009


Any day now, any day.

When they figure out how to pay for the daisycutters?

*goes back to work*

Right after Secretary Clinton goes before the UNSC with dubious intelligence about Iran's alleged nuclear weapons plan.

Meanwhile, North Korea---oh, never mind.

Iran: the prequel.

@litbrit: can't we just borrow some more cash from China to fund the bombing?

@Lew: I'm sure Curveball is willing to provide more bogus information to justify another insane war.

@mandt: Oh yeah...well, we can bomb two nations at the same time. We're America, dammit!

@Montag: I didn't know that a guy named Kermit took down the Mossadegh regime. Got anymore in the heroes of empire series?

Got anymore in the heroes of empire series?

just the three so far. then i kinda ran out of steam, but i've been meaning to do some more. any suggestions?

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