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July 06, 2009


MJ is so...So...SO much more important than anything else going on right now. I mean...fer chris'sakes, 1.6M want to attend his grisly farewell!

At least CNN vets it's stories more than John McCain vetted Sarah Palin.

Hey, the Limeys had Princess Di, we have Jacko. I wonder how many people are calling off work to watch the memorial on the teevee.

media should track down this lady for an MJ-related human interest story.

Sanchez's tweet shows what I most value about Twitter, actually: Reading people's minds -- even if it's only short thoughts and only for a second. For example, we all think the media ignores important, actual stories in favor of celebrity fluff news... And Sanchez confirms that view here. So none of us think we're conspiracy theorists anymore. We get the additionally advantage of hating Sanchez for being so nonchalant about not doing his fucking job right yet thinking it's OK.

In the meantime, you can have fun with Twitter. I'm waiting for somebody to create an account called "DeadMichaelJackson" and write tweets like, "Here in heaven, the little boys are dipped in milk chocolate!"

"additionally" minus "ly". Oops.

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