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August 30, 2009


Jesus Baby Raping Christ, I guess spelling is secondary when you're incapable of constructing any thing with an ounce of coherency.

That is hilarious, nice catch Agi :)

the C was supposed to be for "Cenyan born."

O-L-I-G-A-R-H. One letter is missing...The one that's missing is Y. I don't know if we're turning into an oligarchy or what we're turning into. But unless you ask "Why?" we're going to transform into something.

I'd like to ask why you didn't include "community organizer" or "communist" in between revolutionaries and hidden agenda.

We spell 'potato' Glennie spells 'potatoe.' Didn't know the SOB could even write.

Happiest days of Glenn Beck's life.

I think they should start putting small amounts of LSD in his water bottle...he needs to go completely over the edge...

I really hope Beck never goes away.

Becq iz a ashwhole...I thinkx.

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