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August 19, 2009


One is tempted to vote for the bitch in 2012, just to get this country over with and start again.

the funniest aspect of all of this is that the democraps weren't even trying to shake up health care.

I was about to make a smarmy comment about I'm Gonna Get You Sucka, but then I remembered that Keenan Ivory Wayans actually saves the day at the end.

I think death panels are a brilliant idea and will solve all of our problems. But instead of dragging elderly grandmothers in front of them, I suggest we start with the stupid people in this country. And I don't mean the mentally ill, I mean the people who have perfectly functioning brains and yet somehow can't seem to use them. That would lower the cost of health care, by reducing the population. [/sarcasm]

It's hard to have a running game when you're a fucking invertebrate.

As I said over at my place, Bulworth was a documentary. Obama lost the left by capitulating to the right, and everyone with half a brain knew that the right was not going to play.

He's Clinton 2.0



The whole Alaska governorship thing was just a dodge. Palin...Leader of the Shock Troops!

Umm, yeah, when 77% still want the public option and the fucktards at the town hall meetings are still getting press (I'm assuming, I can't bear to watch the bullshit msm anymore) we gots problems in dis country.

Tiara Tyranny I say!

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