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August 27, 2009


Right on. The only thing that should be on tables are plates, glasses and one's passed-out head after accidentally watching 7.3 seconds of talking hairpiece teevee.

Bravo, sir, bravo!

Boycotting Whole Foods is going to get us single payer health insurance!

I'm just dying for more insurance

RG: you mean like this?

F: thanks. [blush]

Agi: getting Glen Beck off the air would go a long way, too.

M&T: it's to die for.

Ridding ourselves of Glen Beck and getting more and better Olbermanns and Maddows, too!

i'm not implying he read this post or anything, but today Somerby writes:

We wouldn’t say Rick’s larger answer is “wrong,” but we would say it’s weak. For one thing, he gives Democratic leaders much more credit than we do. In our view, it has been a long time since Democrats—and career liberals—gave any sign that they were even attempting to win our messaging wars. Why are Democrats so bad at pushing back? Could it be because they don’t try?

The liberals left a long time ago and got replaced by hollow shells that say the right words while they go along with every idiotic Rushpubliscum scheme there is. Sure, there are a few die-hards here and there who haven't been bought yet, but they don't have enough influence to get the brand of toilet paper changed in the Capitol shithouse.

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