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September 29, 2009


Excuse me, those children deserved disintegration. I'm picturing Grape Ape saying 'Rape rape.' Chortle.

What's the big woop? The Dude would make a perfect Republican Congresspervert.

Malibu is trying to extradite Polanski? ;-)

My new goal in life is to become a famous and 'important' artist so that I, too, may have famous people defned my despicable actions.

Agi, I think that Hollywood is reacting to articles with bullshit titles like this one:

From Polanski to "Big Love": Hollywood's Twisted View of Child Sex Abuse

Doesn't that title sound like everything that comes out of Hollywood has some evil intent? Sound's like the right-wing fucktards are winning the war of words again.

This does not mean that I don't think Polanski belongs in jail. I dunno, I wasn't there, and no matter how hard you struggle to be a good mother/father/caretaker (and watch their every move) to a 13 year old girl, they do really stupid things, just to be assholes and scare the crap out of you.

Yes, Polanski should have acted like an adult, and no I don't know all the details of his trial, conviction, escape or why Hollywood is defending him. The fact remains that Hollywood's main goal is not to corrupt every teenager on the planet. If the world wants to try to blame it for that, they need to figure out who's financing the evil and try to control the moves of a 13 year old for about 6 months.

Yeah, I see how this story plays right into the hands of conservatives who hate Hollywood. As if "Hollywood" is some monolithic entity, heh. The elites sticking up for Polanski are just protecting their own.

I was more confused and amused by the reaction of Europeans in the LA Times piece. If the Los Angeles County DA was trying to extradite an auto mechanic who fled to Switzerland after raping a 13-year old, these European artistic elites would not give a shit - and would not be yapping about America's "dark side".

Rape is not the issue here.

she kidnapped herself.

I was not defending Polanski, or his apologists. I think I'm just irritated because like all celebrity news, it's a distraction from what I consider important to the American people.

I totally get where you are coming from, nunya. Take the David Letterman story today...it is the headline on all the news sites and broadcasts. Who the fuck cares what some late night host did?!? Meanwhile, the whole world is going to shit and nobody cares...

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