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September 23, 2009


For the record, I'm not a Beatle-hater. I even have a couple of the remastered albums. That said, Montag's post was hilarious.

Heh, it was (a) to giggle (b) to post KITH and (c) to bleghoor.

Bing, bing, and bing.

I need to Netflix that shit.

Lessee, ten years in the basement with pizza and pancakes or The Beatles. Hmmmm.

It's true that Paul McCartney's compositions are used by the CIA as part of their enhanced interrogation regimen.

If you play the remasters backwards, you can hear "Montag is dead."

"Montag is dead."


honestly, i'll cop to being a John Lennon fan. my dad and i used to listen to his Beatles records and when a Lennon written song would start he'd remark, "that must be one of John's songs." at an early age i noticed a pattern to do with the coolness of the tunes...

also, how can you not like the guy who (along with Yoko Ono) came up with the idea of staying in bed for two weeks as a protest? that's the essence of 'apathetic anarchy' right there.

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