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December 02, 2009


I know the feeling friend. It's been a great run....we'll miss ya---catch ya over at 51!
Peace Mandt

i blame myself. her life was in my hands!

it's hard to embrace the propaganda and stay on topic once you've sworn, as i have, to ignore the propagandists, and have adopted the credo, "Don't believe them, don't fear them, don't ask anything of them." though it is very freeing!

so i am both sorry to see it end, and in a way, relieved. we will all be around our various corners of the internet, i'm sure. you know where to find us.

thanks, mandt. see you on the other channel!

nothing is fucked here, Montag.

But at least you've still got those swanky sunglasses to keep away the glare.

Sorry to see you go. Maybe you just need a 2nd wind?

Oh Sure Agi,

I no sooner, quit that blasted job with congress and gain my blogging abilities back and you go and declare your blog dead.

Thank you for everything. When you miss us we'll be here, waiting.

Who knew that before he became a professional hitman, Anton Chigurgh was a suit model for J C Penney?

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